New Wireless Printing Options at the Library

If you prefer printing directly from your phone or using your credit card to pay, then you’ll be happy to know we are now offering wireless printing through Princh!

Princh offers a new way to print at the library. We are still using our pre-existing system which accepts dollars and coins and must be printed from our public computers, but now you have more options.

“We are excited to offer a new, much-requested wireless printing solution to the public that is convenient, fast, and user-friendly for our patrons and staff,” remarks Anson, our Information Technology Coordinator.

Why use Princh?

If you are printing directly from your personal device, such as your smart phone, tablet, or laptop, you will need to use Princh.

If you are using a public computer at the library and want to pay with your credit card, you will also need to use Princh.

How does Princh work?

First, you will either download the Princh app on your mobile device or visit the website If you download the Princh app, it will provide you with a quick beginner tutorial on how to use it.

There is no account creation necessary; you only need to enter our 6-digit code. Depending on if you are using our upstairs printer or downstairs printer, you will use a slightly different number, both which are posted on signs.

Using the app or website, you can select which photos or documents you would like to print. You can adjust the settings, such as black & white or color and your desired quantity.

Then, you will enter your payment information. Princh accepts Visa, MasterCard, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. Princh rates are the same: 10 cents for black & white per page, 25 cents for color per page.

After you submit your print job, your papers will immediately print at the printer.

You can also check out Princh’s user guides for step-by-step instructions and helpful video tutorials:

Post updates:

  • 12/15/22: Princh no longer accepts PayPal but added Google Pay.

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