Call for Artists: Enter our First Tiny Art Show

Reed Memorial Library is hosting its first ever Tiny Art Show. A Tiny Art Show is exactly as it sounds–it’s like a regular art show, only tiny!

The Tiny Art Show is free and open to all ages. Continue reading to learn how to be a part of this miniature community art exhibit.

If you’d like to participate in our Tiny Art Show, visit our Public Services desk to pick up a tiny 4 x 6″ canvas while supplies last. Each canvas comes in a little bag with two tubes of paint and a paintbrush to help you get started, but you may decorate your canvas with other materials, such as yarn or collage images. Create your art to the theme “Get carried away,” and make sure to return it to us by September 14.

The Tiny Art Show will have its grand reveal Saturday, September 17 for Balloon A-Fair and will be on exhibit for the following week. Art pieces will be set up on their own tiny easels on the black tables running down the center aisle of the library. Even if you don’t submit any art for the show, make sure to stop in to admire the community’s creativity!

If you have any questions about the Tiny Art Show, contact us 330-296-2827, ext. 300 or view our event listing for it on our website.

3 thoughts on “Call for Artists: Enter our First Tiny Art Show

  1. “1st Annual” is incorrect. Something isn’t “annual” unless it’s been done every year before. The first would be “inaugural.” A place promoting literacy should utilize proper grammar.


    1. You are correct. The sign in our photo does title our event as the 1st Annual when inaugural would have been a better choice. We were so very excited about the art, we became lax with our usage.


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