You Matter by Christian Robinson: A Reed Reads! Book Rec

You Matter by Christian Robinson

Where to find this book at Reed Memorial Library:

In case you need to hear this: you matter. That’s also the title of the picture book Annie from Youth Services is recommending this month: You Matter by Christian Robinson. Keep reading to get the full scoop on this one.

Written and illustrated by Christian Robinson, You Matter has a clear and simple message. When asked what this book is about, Annie wittily responds, “That we all matter!” Indeed, this book serves as a gentle and heartfelt reminder to the reader that regardless of who you are or what your circumstances are, you matter.

There is much to appreciate about You Matter, but this is what stands out to Annie: “I love the illustrations and inclusivity of different types people and their ages, as well as animals.” Take a peek inside the pages:

An image of the book You Matter opened up to a painting of a city with various people using a cross walk. The text reads, "Sometimes you feel lost and alone. But you matter."
“Sometimes you feel lost and alone. But you matter.” -You Matter by Christian Robinson

Christian Robinson has really made a name for himself among children’s literature in the past ten years. He’s illustrated for books such as Last Stop on Market Street by Matt de la Peña, Gaston by Kelly DiPucchio, Josephine by Patricia Hruby Powell, and Nina: The Story of Nina Simone by Traci N. Todd, to name a few. In addition to You Matter, Robinson has also written and illustrated Another.

Annie adds, “The words and pacing remind me of Mister Rogers. Everything Christian Robinson writes or draws is awesome!” For more from Christian Robinson, visit his site at

Thanks for the recommendation, Annie!

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