Thanks for participating in our Bookworm Challenge!

Last Friday, April 28, the Bookworm Challenge officially ended. We wish an enormous thank you and congratulations to everyone who participated!

In this post, we’ll share some impressive stats from the Bookworm Challenge, as well as insider information about the upcoming summer reading challenge.

As a community, everyone who participated in the Bookworm Challenge logged a collective 525,772 reading minutes. Wow! That equates to approximately 8,763 hours, or just over 365 days. That means that together, everyone read a year’s worth during this challenge.

For the Bookworm Challenge, we had 182 active readers and 48 participants who completed the challenge.

If you still have rewards left to pick up, it’s not too late to stop in! Make sure to visit us by Friday, May 12, which will be the last day to redeem your goodies.

Also, stay tuned for our summer reading challenge, which will be launching next month. The summer reading challenge will go from Monday, June 5 to Sunday, July 30, 2023, but you can pre-register for it starting May 8.

During the summer reading challenge, log minutes and complete activities to earn points and tickets that you can use for a variety of prizes. We will have one collective reading challenge for all ages and offer seven grand prizes for you to enter, with plenty of milestone prizes available along the way.

Make sure you have an account with Beanstack and keep your eyes peeled for our All Together Now summer reading challenge, coming soon!

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