April’s Food for Fines: A Win-win!

Reduce your fines and help fellow community members with April’s Food for Fines drive!

Learn more about this opportunity in this blog post.

If you’re looking for a way to bring down your fines and donate to a good cause, our Food for Fines program is perfect for you.

Throughout the month of April, you can donate non-perishable food items to the library to reduce your overdue fines. Each non-perishable food item will earn $1 off your fines, for a maximum of up to $10 per account. Donated food items may not be used to reduce fees for lost or damaged items.

All food collected during the month of April will be given to the Ravenna’s Center of Hope for their pantry, which will directly help community members who need the support. Our library Director Amy Young, who serves on the Center of Hope’s Board, says, “Spring is a busy time at the Center of Hope. With increased need and financial strain on the community, we hope that the Food for Fines program will help restock the pantry shelves at the center and benefit our patrons with overdue fees at the same time.”

The Food for Fines program is a part of Center of Hope’s larger spring food drive. Even if you do not have fines, you are welcome to donate non-perishable food items to us in April.

“Food for Fines is a small way the Library can help get food to those who need it and books back in the hands of those who haven’t been into the library in a while,” encourages Amy. “A little help can make a big impact.”

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