Celebrate National Library Week All Month With Us!

Loving the library is more than just a week– it’s a way of life.

National Library Week falls on the last week of April, but this year, we’re extending the celebration to the whole month of April! It goes without saying that we love the library, so naturally we will enjoy any excuse to celebrate all that libraries have to offer and uplift our amazing community that enables us to do what we do.

Keep reading to learn more about what’s in store.

Dear You, We ❤ You!

Libraries are more than just warehouses for books (although a warehouse full of books still sounds pretty nice to us!). As a whole, libraries represent more than just the “things” that line our shelves; libraries represent people.

What we do is so important to us because we are driven by a love for our community.

Whether you’re a newborn just beginning to crawl, a preschooler learning how to read, a middle schooler navigating how to make friends, a teenager looking for a safe place to spend time after school, a young professional about to launch your career, a parent seeking to discover new experiences for your child, someone down on your luck and in need of a helping hand, a seasoned adult who enjoys book discussions and crafts–and anyone and everyone among all these different phases in life: we do what we do for you.

Our library is more than a building; it’s a community space that comes to life because of the people who walk through our doors every day. Our children’s area is where toddlers learn to play and talk, our Teen Room is where high schoolers navigate who they want to be, our meeting rooms are where people sign the dotted line to purchase their first home, our study rooms are where graduate students write their dissertations, and so on. The space in our library is filled with a rich variety of community members who are all seeking different things, who are all going through different challenges and successes in life, and who are all united by the refuge found in our library.

For those unable to visit us, we are also dedicated to bringing the bounties of the library to you. Remember: the library is more than just a warehouse for books–it’s a spirit of community. Our outreach associates work to extend the reach of the library to your house, your nursing home, your facility, your preschool, and your school, so that all community members can be empowered.

We have advocates and volunteers who support what the library means and does. In doing so, they support you. The Friends of the Library and the Library Foundation are both organizations that directly enable our operations through fundraisers and dedicated support that allows us to keep doing what we do. Our community members (that’s you!) inspire us every day by showing up to programs, checking out our materials, strolling through our building, sharing our social media posts, or even just by telling a friend that you love the library.

So this National Library Week [Month!], we would like to formally thank you.

Love, Your Library

All month, we have paper hearts at the main desks in the library where you can write what you love about your library. We will hang up the hearts at the front of the library. If you’re unable to make it in to the library or have more to say than will fit on a paper heart, use this link to submit your library story!

All month, you can donate non-perishable food items to reduce library fines. All collected food items will be donated to Center of Hope in Ravenna, which will directly help fellow community members. You can read more about Food for Fines in this blog post.

On Friday, April 28 from 4:30 to 5:30 pm, we’ll give you a chance to showcase our kid community’s awesome skills at the Kids Talent Show. Come and witness real talent. If your child is interested in participating, make sure to click the link and register.

April 24-28 (during National Library Week), we’ll have a freebie for you when you visit, just to show our appreciation.

Thanks again!

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