Reading the Record-Courier Online

If you enjoy reading your news from the Record-Courier, then you may be interested to learn that the library offers free access to the online version through Newsbank. Keep reading to find out how!

Features of Reading the Record-Courier on Newsbank

If you’re hesitant to read the Record-Courier online because you prefer the paper version, we understand, but reading it online does have some advantages.

Reading the Record-Courier online is completely free and allows you to easily navigate through issues. There are no website advertisements that pop up to disrupt your reading experience, and the search function allows you to quickly search for specific dates or keywords. Using the toolbar at the top of full-image issues, you can also download a PDF copy of an entire page or “clip” specific sections of issues from recent years. Other features include citation information, emailing the article, printing it, or zooming in/out.

Plus, since we only keep recent physical copies at the library, and the newspaper is no longer producing microfilm copies, you will have to use this online database if you are researching articles from years ago.

How to Access the Record-Courier Online

To read the Record-Courier online, you will need to use either a public computer at Reed Memorial Library or your personal device connected to RML’s wifi.

First, go to Click on the “Learn” tab at the top right of the page, and then click “Record Courier newspaper archive.” This will take you to Newsbank’s website.

Reed Memorial Library's website. To access the Record-Courier online, click "Learn," then "Record Courier newspaper archive."
Screenshot from Reed Memorial Library’s website

On the Newsbank site, you will see two options, both titled “Record-Courier, The (Kent, Ravenna, OH.” The first listing offers text-only Record-Courier articles dating from 2012 to today. The second listing offers scanned images of Record-Courier newspapers from 2017 to today.

The home page of the Record-Courier Collection on Newsbank
Screenshot from Newsbank’s Record-Courier Collection

Clicking on either link will take you to a page with the current year’s calendar, and from there you can select a certain date’s issue that you wish to view, or type a keyword or phrase in the search bar.

The Record-Courier Collection on Newsbank's calendar
Screenshot from Newsbank’s Record-Courier Collection

If you wanted to read an article from a specific date, such as March 24, 2020, you could click on that date from the calendar page. Keep in mind that if you wish to read articles published between 2012 and 2017, they are only available in text with no images.

Or, for example, if you wanted to view articles that mention Reed Memorial Library, you could type “Reed Memorial Library” in the search bar and receive 534 results.

Search results for "Reed Memorial Library" on Newsbank's Record-Courier Collection
Screenshot from Newsbank’s Record-Courier Collection


To clip an image or article from an issue, click the scissor icon on the toolbar, and then click “Select Clip to Download or Print.”

A sample article from Record-Courier's online collection from Newsbank
Screenshot from Newsbank’s Record-Courier Collection

A blue box with a dashed line around it will appear, and you will drag the corners of that to highlight the area you wish to save or print.

A sample article from Record-Courier's online collection from Newsbank
Screenshot from Newsbank’s Record-Courier Collection

Then select your preference: print, download, or save to Google Drive.

If you have additional questions on how to use Newsbank to access the Record-Courier online, our Adult Services staff will be happy to help. Their desk is located on the second floor of the library at the top of the stairs. You can also call at 330-296-2827 ext. 200, or email

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