Heritage Hub and America’s News: New Research Tools at Your Library

In the past, we’ve discussed how to access the Record-Courier online at the library through Newsbank. Now, we have two new research tools to share with you: Heritage Hub and America’s News. Keep reading to learn more about these free resources.

Heritage Hub and America’s News are both offered through a platform called Newsbank.

You can access these services remotely using the Internet. To use Heritage Hub and America’s News, you will only need to enter your library card and pin numbers.

Heritage Hub

Screenshot from Heritage Hub home page
Screenshot from Heritage Hub home page

Heritage Hub is an online database of obituaries and death notices from 1704-present.

To search for an obituary or death notice, simply type a last name and any other information if known, such as first name, middle name, death date, and any keywords. You are able to easily modify your search parameters and sort the results after you click search.

Visit this link to view Heritage Hub’s extensive advice on search techniques and more in-depth information on how to use this resource.

America’s News

Screenshot from America's News home page
Screenshot from America’s News home page

America’s News offers online access to national news sources, such as sources based in Ohio like The Plain Dealer, as well as other news sources across the U.S.

To search a specific topic, enter a name or keyword into the search bar. If you type multiple words that must stay in the same order, such as “Reed Memorial Library,” put quotation marks around your term. If you type multiple words that do not have to stay in the same order, such as Browns 2021, you do not need to put quotation marks around your search words. You can type multiple quoted words and non-quoted words, such as: “Reed Memorial Library” “Midnight Madness” 2022.

If you would like to view a specific news source, you can click on “A-Z Source List” near the top of the page; on the next page, enter the name of the news source you desire.

If you have additional questions on how to use Heritage Hub or America’s News, our Adult Services staff will be happy to help. Their desk is located on the second floor of the library at the top of the stairs. You can also call at 330-296-2827 ext. 200, or email reference@reedlibrary.org.

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