Discover the Wonders of Wonderbooks!

Wonderbooks are a wonderful addition to our collection. Wonderbooks combine visual and audio elements to create a dynamic reading experience.. Keep reading to learn more about them and which titles we offer in this format.

What are Wonderbooks?

Wonderbooks are books that have a read-along audiobook player on the inside cover.

How do Wonderbooks work?

Each Wonderbook has an audiobook player on the inner cover. By simply pushing the Power button, the audio narrator will explain when to turn the page. If you need to reset the narrator to return to the beginning, you can use the Reset button, or if you need to skip ahead or back a page, there are arrow buttons for those functions.

In read-along mode, the Wonderbook narrator will read the story. In learning mode, the narrator will prompt questions about the story to test the listener’s reading comprehension.

There’s also a handy headphone jack at the bottom of the audio player.

Wonderbook audiobook player

We charge each Wonderbook after it is returned to us, so no need to worry about wires!

Visit for a complete look at their controls.

Where are Wonderbooks located at Reed Memorial Library?

Wonderbooks (and Launchpads) have recently moved! They are located in the front area of our Children’s section near audiobooks. We will be happy to show you where they are during your next visit.

Which titles do we offer as Wonderbooks?

To browse our Wonderbook options on our catalog, click here.

Wonderbooks can be checked out for two weeks and renewed up to two times as long as there are no holds on it.

We hope you enjoy the wonders of reading with Wonderbooks!

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